Three siblings clash over real estate after the death of their father, only in their case the real estate is memory. Each wants the last word in how he is remembered.


Tensions rise when Lucien, Juliette, and Margot arrive from France to explore the world of their late father, a scientist who worked in the U.A.E.  During their road trip to the Empty Quarter, insults are exchanged, car keys misplaced, and the three nearly lose their way in the desert.

In the oasis town of Liwa, they meet the beautiful Noor, the father's research assistant. She unveils a man they barely recognize and reveals a knowledge of personal moments in each of their lives. Her memories overturn their claims leaving them land-locked with their most precious legacy: each another.



Margot - Melanie Delloye
Juliette - Marie Constantinesco
Lucien - Alexis Gambis
Nasser - Shakhbut Saeed Al Kaabi
Noor - Sallama Bu-Haydar
Falcon - Bolt (male red-naped peregrine falcon)


Producer - Chani Gatto-Bradshaw
Cinematographer - Zelmira Gainza
Production Designer - Besiki Turazashvilli
Editor - Josephine Decker
Sound:  Diana Chester and Omar Shoukri